How to Make Annotations in YouTube Videos


youtube_logoYou might have seen pop-ups and links in between YouTube videos, they are called annotations. By looking at these pop ups and links in the video one can understand that the owner of the video is helping or telling the viewers something about the video. You can also add annotations to videos on YouTube easily.

To add annotations all that you need is a valid YouTube account.

Remember you can add annotations to your own video so be ready with your video to add annotations to it. Now upload your video to YouTube to get started.

After you have uploaded a video click on My videos link that is present at the top of the page.

Now click on the video that you want to add annotations to it. To add annotations click on the button that says Add video annotations.

Now you will see three options saying Add Speech Bubble, Add Spotlight and Add Note. Click on any of the option that you like to add in the video.


Play the video in the annotations screen and click on any of the option whenever you want to add a pop up to the video. Now type in your message in the box that appears, and set the time when you want it to appear and also disappear and click on Publish button when you are done. Annotations will be added to the video at the point where you have inserted it.


Finally recheck your work and make sure everything is as per your choice. You can delete any annotations if you are not satisfied or set the timer when you want an annotation to appear. You can also move annotations around the video to place it where you would like it to be.


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