How to Install ISO Image Files


iso_imageYou are looking for an application and downloaded a file to install it on your system. You found that the downloaded file is in ISO format and looking for a way to install it. An ISO image files is nothing but an image of CD or DVD, to use this kind of files you need to burn image file to a CD or DVD first. After burning the file to CD or DVD you can view files and folders contained in the ISO image.

Burning ISO image to CD or DVD is bit different then burning normal files. You need to burn ISO image to CD or DVD using special option called Burn an image file in your burning software.

If you are not sure about which burning software to use click the link here. The link covers the software you need and process to burn CD or DVD in detail.


After you burn the ISO image file to the disc, open the disc to find various files and folders in it. From the burned disc select the application that you want to install and execute the setup file.

Note: You need to have a CD or DVD burner to burn ISO file to the optical discs. You cannot burn disc using standard CD or DVD drive.

What if you do not have a CD or DVD burner how to install an ISO files?

If you do not have CD or DVD burner, don’t think that the ISO file you have downloaded will go waste. You can mount the ISO file as a virtual CD drive. Magicdisc-virtual-CD/DVD-ROM is the application you need, click here to get the application and know the process of mounting your ISO file as virtual CD drive.


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