How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Mozilla Firefox


google-chromeIs there an interesting Google Chrome extension you would like to try on Mozilla Firefox as well? As an experiment, a  Firefox developer gave it a thought and came up with an intriguin add-on, which is yet to be out of it’s experimental stage.

Google chrome extensions manager‘ is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox which enables you to install and manage Google Chrome extensions to the Firefox browser. This add-on is currently in experimental stage and supports only a limited subset of the Google Chrome Extensions API.

Google Chrome does have a repository of extensions rapidly gaining its potential but, Mozilla Firefox’s add-on platform has a huge community of developers, users and is robust. This allows add-on developers to do certain stuff that isn’t possible yet with Google Chrome. ‘Google chrome extensions manager’ for Firefox is a fabulous concept to start with. It still needs a lot more
features to be a potential Firefox add-on.


For users and addon developers, it currently supports features like browser actions, content scripts, matching patterns, extension, tabs, windows and, background pages. If you’ve installed Dom inspector, you can inspect extension views from the extensions page

Currently support is NOT available for bookmarks, NPAPI plug-ins, themes, auto updating, packaging, installation/un-installation, activation/de-activation of extensions etc.,

I believe there is lot of scope for this add-on which can turn into a potential add-on to manage and install Google Chrome extensions for Firefox.


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