How to Import iTunes Podcasts to Rhythmbox Music Player


There are many useful and intriguing podcasts available in a different categories (music, education, tutorials, inspiration etc.,) offered for a wide range of purposes. Wouldn’t it be great if you can export the iTunes podcasts feeds to an external music player which is equally rich in features like Rhythmbox.

feed-flipperI found a quick and easy-to-use web utility which makes it easier for you to import iTunes podcasts to Rhythmbox in no time. Feed Flipper is basically a free web based iTunes podcast to RSS converter.

Feed Flipper is a free alternative to iTunes which converts an audio iTunes podcast into an RSS XML feed. So, the resulting URL is then available to be subscribed to directly into your RSS feed reader of your choice. So, in order to convert an iTunes audo podcast URL to an XML feed, start by pasting an iTunes podcast URL onto the provided field on the website.

Feed Flipper provides you with other options like the number of articles or items (audio) to process. You can even rename the podcast’s default title and set the default title of each article or item in the feed. It also provides you with an option to prefix text to each article’s title and the default podcast title.

Once you have selected the options, you can use the resultant URL to subscribe to the podcast in your RSS reader. So, this is not just specific to Rhythmbox but applies to other RSS readers as well. I believe this is a handy way to export iTunes podcast URLs to a rich music player like Rhythmbox and listen to your favorite podcasts, without having to be restricted to iTunes.


2 thoughts on “How to Import iTunes Podcasts to Rhythmbox Music Player

  1. Hmm… Feed Flipper.. an interesting take on the problem. Instead of just returning the URL, they decide to act as a podcast provider by copying the content? So now your relying on Feed Flipper to always be accessible in order to retrieve your podcasts? That seems inefficient.

    A few months ago i had the same problem, so i wrote a PHP script to solve my woes. Now im spreading the word because others like you have a need for this as well. Go to and you can either paste the iTunes link you already have or search the iTunes podcast store directly and it will return the DIRECT url for the feed, instead of just mirroring it.

    The source code can be found in the HTML of any page, or by googling ‘Podcast URL Extractor’ and you’ll find it on a page (many sites have copied my old source code from snipplr onto sites like icodesnip, isnippet and others. I always post fresh updated code on only)

  2. @lasavior, Thanks for the script, the link from FeedFlipper returned an error when added to Rhythmbox. And I didn’t like it either to rely on them … Your script just works :)

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