How to Hide Files and Folders in Windows 7


hidden_and_visible_foldersKeeping important files and folders from the view of others is very necessary for their security. If you are sharing your computer with others then hiding important files and folders from other users becomes more important.

Hiding files and folders in Windows 7 is bit different then other Windows operating system versions. In earlier versions of Windows you will find the top menu in Windows explorer in which one of the items used to be Tools menu. But in Windows 7 in order to access folder option-

1) Launch Windows explorer window in Windows 7, you can see a menu item called Organize.

2) Click on the arrow mark next to it and select Folder and search options from the menu.


3) Now you can see Folder Options dialog box with three tabs General, View and Search

4) Click on the View tab, in this under Advanced settings you will find Don’t show hidden files, folders and drives option. Select the radio button next to it and click on OK button.


Now to hide any files and folders you can do in the old fashioned way. Just right click on any files and folders that you want to hide and select the Hidden attribute under General tab and click OK. All the files and folders that have hidden attribute checked will not be visible under this setting.

WinMend Folder Hidden is an application which helps you to hide files and folders in any Windows operating system. It is very useful application to protect your important files and folders from view and access of other users on your computer.


WinMend enables you to password protect any files and folders on your computer or any other removable storage media. The files and folders hidden using this application can only viewed using this application by providing valid password.


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