How to get FaceBook on Home Screen for Galaxy S2, Note, Galaxy Note, Nexus 7 without FaceBook Home


New FaceBook Home is awesome. If you are FaceBook addict, You would most likely want to have FaceBook updates on your android phone or tablet Lock Screen & Home Screen. But FaceBook Home is available for couple of android phones only for now including Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, HTC One, HTC One X etc.

Update:You can download Facebook Home apk now any android phone

If you have any of the above latest phones, You can download FaceBook Home starting from April 12 from Google Play Store. It is not available for old android phones like Samsung Galaxy S2, S, Note, Sony Xperia Z or android tablets like Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 etc. If you have android tablet or old android phone and can’t wait for FaceBook Home android app, You can get FaceBook feed updates on your Home Screen using widgets. You don’t get all the features of FaceBook Home but it is helpful.

How to get FaceBook on Home Screen for android phones/tablets like Nexus 7, Galaxy Note 8
1. Download & Install Go Launcher Ex from Google Play Store. You can customize your android phone or tablet Home Screen using this launcher app.

2. After Installing, You will see your Home Screen changed with this Go Launcher app.

3. Download & Install Go FBWidget android app from Google Play Store.

facebook on home screen on galaxy s2, note, nexus 7

4. Long Press on the Go Launcher Ex Home Screen > tap GoWidget > Select Go FBWidget > Login to FaceBook.

Thats it. You should see your FaceBook feed updates, profile, like, comment, share photos from your Home Screen now. This is really helpful for your android tablet as you have large screen. You can get all the updates easily.

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