How to Find the Cheapest English Books on Amazon

advertisement is the largest resource of ebooks in the planet. If any book has any e-version available, you can be pretty sure that Amazon’s vast digital repository has it. However, that has its banes as well as its boons. It is not always easy to find the cheapest version of your favorite book on as the price, availability and shipping cost of any particular book varies in different Amazon stores in different countries.

That is where a service like Cheap River Amazon Search comes in handy. In this web service, all you have to do is put the title of an English Language book and hit search. Cool and all, but how is it different from searching a book within

As the following screenshot illustrates, CheapRiver searches ebooks through 5 Amazon stores – Amazon US, Canada, UK, Germany and France and depicts the price of these items through 5 categories – Item Price, Shipping Per Item, Sub-Total, Cost-per-Shipment and Total.


It also provides on-the-fly currency exchange rates between dollar, pound and euro. How is that helpful? Well, if you compare and contrast it will show that this can save a lot of your bucks, all included. That aside, the nifty feature of on-the-fly currency conversation feature which is based on the current day conversion rates is a nice little bonus.


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