How to Edit YouTube Videos


youtube-edit2Sometimes, you might not be happy with the quality of the video you have uploaded on YouTube and wish you could do some edits on it. There might be other reasons as well. Whatever they are, if you do want to edit a YouTube, how can you do that?

Step 1 - Download: the YouTube video to your desktop. There is a multitude services like Downloader9, Vixy, iDesktop TV etc for this precise purpose. These services generally let you paste a YouTube URLs in their website and let you convert them to different file formats.

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Step 2: Video Editing: Now grab a video editing software and do whatever edits you want to. Arguably the best one available is the Windows Moviemaker. This software from Microsoft lets you create and edit excellent home videos. You can add split the screen into two, add music, video and text to the frames according to the timeline set. You can also add various video effects and of course remove some frames that you don’t quite like. “Import” the video from wherever you have saved it. Then edit it.


Once you are done with editing, you just need to save and publish it. Whether you are using the Windows Moviemaker, or something else, the “Publish” option will give you a number of video publishing places, including YouTube.  Choose YouTube and that’s it. Your video has been edited and is back to YouTube. Albeit with a different URL.


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