How to Duplicate a DVD on a Mac


mac_logoIt is very common for us to backup or copy data from our hard drive to CD/DVD to save on hard disk space by deleting the copied items from the hard disk. What if you want to make extra copies of a DVD which are not copyright protected? There is an easy and quick process where you can duplicate DVD in few simple steps.

Things that you need are DVD reader cum writer, source DVD and empty DVD.

First insert the source DVD into the drive which you like to copy.

Mac OS X will try to open the contents of the disk, close any such process.

Now go to Applications –> Utility Folder and open Disk Utility application.

In this application you can see DVD drive listed in the left side bar. Select the DVD drive in which you have inserted the source DVD and click on the New Image button. mac_dvd_copy It will ask you to enter the name of the file and location to save the image file.

Give a name and select a location on your hard drive to save the file. In the settings option select DVD/CD master for Image format option and none for Encryption option and click on the save button. Image file of the source DVD will be saved to your hard drive, wait for the process to complete.

Now open the Disk Utility application in this you can see image file that you have just created in the left side bar.

Select the image file that you would like to burn to the DVD and click Burn button.

Now insert a blank DVD into the DVD writer drive and click Burn.

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