How to Download Torrents in Ubuntu


ubuntu-torrentTo download torrents for Ubuntu you first need to check find the torrent files for Ubuntu.  You now need to choose your distribution number or code name to find the appropriate torrent file for you (32-bit/i386 and 64-bit/amd64, dvd or cd).

Further, you need to get a smart Torrent client for Ubuntu.

Getting the Torrent Client for Ubuntu: The official ubuntu clients for downloading a torrent file includes – Transmission, Vuze, Deluge, Ktorrent, MonoTorrent, Monsoon, BitTornado, Torrent Flux and µTorrent among others.


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Now open any of these clients and add the file. In most of these clients adding a file will automatically start the file downloading process as well. And that’s it. The more the number of peers you have, the faster the download speed will be since BitTorrent is a Peer-to-Peer application where a big file is broken down into smaller parts and the automatically fetches parts from multiple hosts at once (I.e. a part is fetched when it is downloaded somewhere). You can also have a number of other features including the option to view the downloading status, number of peers who are online and similar staff depending upon the Torrent client you are using.


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