How to Customize the Display of Date, Time, Currency and Measurement in Windows 7


In Windows, the date, time, numbers as well as currency are displayed in an International format. However, you can customize it according to the format used in your country. Here’s a small tutorial that can help you achieve just that.

Locating the Date, Time and Currency Settings

Basically, the date, time and currency format settings are located in the Control Panel. There are 2 ways to go about this.

Open Control Panel from the Start Menu and goto ‘Clock, Language and Region’. There click on ‘Region and Language’.


In the Start Menu search box, search for the ‘region’ and click on ‘Region and Language’ in the search results.

Control Panel

The Region and Language window, similar to the one in the picture, will open.

Region and Language

Customizing the Date & Time Format

Customization for the date and time format can be done from the Formats tab. For formats specific to your country, select your country from the Format drop-down list. This displays the date & time in a format specific to your country.

Select Country

If you are not satisfied with the defaults, you can customize each of the fields with the formats you desire. While making changes, Windows 7 shows you how the changes will look like in the Examples section. Adjust the format the way you like and then click on OK.

Date & Time Format

Additional Date & Time Settings

In the Formats tab click on ‘Additional Settings’ button at the bottom-right. The ‘Customize Format’ window will open. When you click on the Time tab, you will notice the same options as in the Formats tab of the Region and Language window. But here you have an additional option to change the symbol used for AM and PM.

Customize Format

Similarly in the Date tab, there is an additional option which tells Windows 7 how to interpret when a two-digit year is entered.

Customize Format

Customizing the Numbers and Currency format

In addition to customizing the date and time format, Windows also enables you to customize the way in which the numbers are displayed as well as default currency for your account. In the Formats tab, click on the ‘Additional Settings’ button at the bottom-right to display the Customize Format window. In the Numbers tab, you can customize the way numbers are displayed in Windows 7: from the decimal symbol to the format for negative numbers. Customize the settings until you get them right.

Customize Numbers Format

You can always hit the Reset button to restore the system default settings.

The Currency tab has all the settings related to the default currency used by Windows 7 for your account. It will be specific to the country and format set for your account. You can customize the currency symbol, format, decimal symbol, grouping symbol etc. Customize them the way you like and, when done, click OK.

Customize Currency Format

You can see from the tutorial that customizing the display of date, time, numbers and currency in Windows 7 is pretty easy. However, the configuration windows creates a bit of confusion by showing the same settings in more than one place.


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