How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in MS Word 2007


ms_word_2007_logoMost of the computer users know that the less we use mouse the more comfortably we can work on the machine. If you are working on Microsoft Office Word then you can perform all most all the functions in it using keyboard. If you do not like default shortcut for a command and want to change the key combination, you can do it easily on Word 2007.

1) First click on the Office Button and from the menu select Word options.

2) In this screen click on the Customize option present in the left hand side bar. Now click on the Customize button that is present next to the words “keyboard shortcuts” at the bottom of the screen.


3) Customize keyboard dialog box appears, in this you can see all the commands present in Word 2007. To make things easier all the commands are arranged in categories. Select a category from the menu or scroll down and select All Commands to all Commands.

4) Commands will be displayed in the Commands section, click on a command that you want to customize. Not all commands displayed in this area have default keyboard shortcuts. If the command that you have selected have a default keyboard shortcut assigned you can see its key combination in the current keys area.

If the command you have selected do not have any keyboard shortcut then you can assign one. Office Word 2007 allows you set keyboard shortcut for any command listed here.

5) To set custom keyboard short cut for a select command, click in the Press new shortcut key box. While the cursor in the box, press the key combination that you want to assign.


If the shortcut is already assigned to any other command in the list Word 2007 will notify you about the same with the command it is associated with. Just enter another key combination to use for that command.

6) When you are done customizing keyboard shortcuts, click on the assign button to apply the key combinations to select commands.

Now test your custom key combinations in Word and see if they are working fine. Assigning custom keyboard shortcuts will save lots of time and improves productivity.


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