How to check DNS propagation status or website availability


I recently changed domain name of one of my sites. I changed ip address for that domain in my godaddy account. It takes sometime about 24 to 48 hours for dns propagation. That means your website might not be available around the world during that time. You might want to wait during that time before redirecting your old domain to new domain.

There are tools for checking website availability. They can check status of your website from different servers.

I found below sites useful for checking dns propagation status

1. Site24x7 website availability checker

Site24x7 tool allows you to check your website from multiple locations. You can check your site from 32 locations worldwide.  I use their website monitoring tools for one of sites. It works good. They have other free tools like dns lookup, ping test, trace route etc.  i found this site to be most useful.


2. Whats my DNS

Whatsmydns allows to check your dns from 16 locations. It shows all these locations on a google map. this is useful for visualing results

3. ViewDNS – DNS Propagation Checker

ViewDNS checks status from 19 locations around the world.

4. Preshweb dns checker
Preshweb dns status checker is an open source tool. You can query a random list of dns servers. It has about 61 servers in its list. My query resulted in testing 10 servers out of 61 servers.

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3 thoughts on “How to check DNS propagation status or website availability

  1. All parts of US, Canada, France, Italy, India – It is Failing
    Remaining parts of world – It works

    Just over 50 hours ago i hosted my website ( .. is that natural ?
    could you please suggest how long i should wait for my website to be UP & RUNNING from all parts of the world.

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