How to backup or restore SMS, MMS on android phone like Galaxy S2, Nexus


I have Samsung Galaxy S2. I like to keep backups of important data as I experiment lot of things on my phone. It’s good thing to backup contacts, photos, videos, text messages and/or message attachments like mms messages of your android phone before you reset your phone to factory settings or when you get a new phone and want to move data from old phone.

There are few free apps available in the Google Play. They might not be sufficient to do the all the things you need. There is a free SMS Backup & Restore app is available but it does not backup or restore mms messages.

MyBackup Pro
MyBackup Pro – It backups all important data including sms, photos, videos etc. It can restore all the data too. This is a paid app and costs about $5.

MyBackup Pro Features:

-Backup most of the important data like Photos, Videos, Apps, SMS, MMS, Contacts, Call Log etc
-Schedule backups daily
-Restore data to your existing or new phone
-Works for both rooted & non rooted phones. It also backups APK+ data.
-Backups data to SD Card or remote server
-Works on all android devices using android version 1.5+
-30 day Free Trail is available

credit:Google Play

Other Free Apps to backup SMS text messages on Android
SMS Backup & Restore – This is a Free App. Backups are saved in XML format on the SD card. Backup file can be emailed. Just copy this file to your new phone and restore sms messages. This does not support mms messages. You can delete all sms messages after you create the backup.

SMS Backup + – It creates backups of sms, mms, call log to gmail account using imap. You can restore sms but not mms messages.

Are you keeping a backup of your android phone? How are you doing it?


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