How to Avoid Spam in Email


There are lots many spam email bots hungry looking for email address on web. If you have already getting spam emails, there is not much you can do to stop spam other than using a good email client like Thunderbird. To stop being listed by spam bots and to avoid getting spam emails hide your email from spam bots. Here in this post we will discuss the possible ways to achieve this.


Do not give your email address as it is

Never disclose your email address as it is in forums and other web blogs while commenting or posting. Spam bots spiders are always on look out for email address on web. If you give your email address as it is, they can easily add your email to their list to spam your inbox. Instead give your email address cleverly like yourname [at] domain [.] com. This way only the readers (humans) can figure out but not the bots.

Do not disclose your email address to unprofessional websites

There are lots of websites created for the sole purpose of collecting people email address to spam them. Make sure that the website is professional looking and do not involve in any kind of spamming. Check this issue with your friends if they have used the same service before if possible.

Generate an Image file of your email address

If you want to disclose your email in a blog or forum, but do not want to use the above method. You can make a image file of your email address in this way you can hide your email behind a image file making it harder for a bot to find it. There are many online email image generators

Email Address to image converter

Email Icon Generator

Mask your email address behind a URL is a web service to generate a URL to mask your email address for added protection while sharing it on forums, websites, blogs, etc. You can easily generate a URL to share it on the net, if you user want to access your email, when he clicks on the link it will ask him to fill in a CAPTCHA form to disclose your email.

Example click here.

Watch out for the check boxes while filling forms on web.

You might be filling forms on web to create accounts on web services or to get applications online. Be careful with the check boxes present in them, read the instructions pertaining to the check box and check it only if it is compulsory or you are interested in that service.

Turn off email updates from your mail box.

If you have already signed up with a service for receiving updates through emails. You can find an option to turn off or unsubscribe the service somewhere in the mail (mostly below the main message). Click on the link and proceed to turn off alerts or updates that you do not want to receive.


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