How to hard reset or recovery mode in Nexus 7 Tablet


Google’s first tablet Nexus 7 is most loved tablet right now under $199. It’s perfect for Google Play with apps, games, movies etc. If you are installing custom roms on Nexus 7, you forgot password to unlock Nexus 7 or you just can’t get to restore your Nexus 7 to factory settings, you will need to hard reset your nexus 7 tablet.

Hard Reset/Recovery Mode in Nexus 7 Tablet
If you reset your nexus 7, all the data like videos, music, apps etc will be lost. You normally do hard reset, if your tablet is not working properly. You can soft reset on nexus 7 if you can get into the nexus 7 tablet.

If you forgot pin, pattern or password & lost access to Google account, you will need to hard reset your phone to unlock nexus 7 tablet screen.

1.Turn off Nexus 7 if it’s already turned on.

2.Press and hold Volume up, Volume down, Power buttons until nexus 7 powers on. You should see Android image here.

3. Scroll using volume down button to see “Recovery Mode“. Press power button to select recovery mode and you will see android image with red triangle.

4. Use volume keys to scroll and select “wipe data/factory reset” using power button.

5. Scroll down using volume keys again and select “Yes – erase all user data” using power button.

This will reset nexus 7 tablet and data will be wiped out. Nexus 7 returns to the original stock state. If you use the same Google account as before to sign into Google account, account data will be restored. via

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17 thoughts on “How to hard reset or recovery mode in Nexus 7 Tablet

  1. I just tried the hard reset and its not working. I pressed down the volume buttons and the power buttons simultaneously and the android icon showed up. I chose recovery mode and now the screen has gone blank with just Google written across it. Its been like that for the whole night….I can switch it off again and try my password but its no use i’ve totally forgotten it. I only had the nexus 7 since yesterday!

    Please help! Thanks.

    • i have the same problem but i got mine at x-mas and the andriod site says that the nexus 7 has NO hard reset. like what the hell?

  2. Aisha, Try below steps

    1. Turn off Nexus 7 tablet
    2. Hold vol up/vol down/power on buttons
    3. Plug the tablet into the USB port on a computer. Make sure computer is turned on before plugging in.
    4.Select Recovery using vol buttons and press power button. After several minutes, screen with red triangle will appear
    5.Hold volume up and press return for menu to make hard reset

    Thanks to androidcentral for the tip.

  3. I also cannot do a hard reset on my nexus 7 tablet… Plugging it into a computer via usb only serves to freeze the device. I’m so upset! My new tablet is useless if I cannot reset it!

    • You’re going to have to RMA your tablet. I spoke to “Google tech” and they confirmed there is no hard reset. There is no documentation on this glitch with pattern lock. I’m wondering if I made a mistake on this purchase….

  4. pattern lock triggered username/password unlock screen after incorrect pattern was entered 10 times. Unfortunately the wireless was off and now the tablet cannot log into my google account. There is no “hard reset”. I can get to the point of choosing recovery mode, but the tablet freezes at the Google splash screen. I was able to install USB drivers and explore the contents of my tablet. I found a nexus 7 toolkit, but its mainly for rooting. Google is RMA ing these bricked units.

  5. I daughter has a Nexus 7 Tablet. She charged it and then it wouldn’t charge. I charged it all night and only have 29%. Now it keeps going on and then the Google sign and then the colored x. I can’t really do much else. I’ll shut it down and it comes back on. I tried the hard reset but it doesn’t work. Someone plese help me.

  6. Device is off
    1 hold pwr button and as device powers on press and hold vol dn while still holding pwr.
    2 scroll to recovery mode (vol button) and select by pressing pwr
    3 android with a red exclamation mark advice will show
    4 while holding pwr, press vol up then release.
    5 scroll to “wipe data/factory reset” and press power to select

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