Handy Sites to Learn Web Programming Languages: JavaScript #4


javascriptIt is been long time since I updated this tutorial series for learning web programming languages online. In this article you will see some best sites that host simple and effective tutorials to learn JavaScript easily. In the other three articles I have mentioned sites to learn HTML, CSS and XML languages easily.

JavaScript is an important web programming language which you will have to know to create web pages. Even Web developers need to have some knowledge of this scripting language to think of ways to developer your site better. JavaScript is one such programming language which can be used to get information from other source, process that information and give out the end output in an orderly fashion. You will find JavaScript in all most every web page that you encounter on the web.

Here are some of the best sites on the web where you can learn JavaScript for free and easily. Hope you have gone through previous tutorial articles and learned HTML, CSS, and XML easily. Hope you will have even better learning experience learning JavaScript.



W3Schools is one of the best sites to learn web programming languages online. Developers of this site have taken much care to design tutorials in a simple and informative way to make them understand to all users. JavaScript tutorial in this site has six main sections in total which are further divided into small lessons. The six main sections of tutorial include Basics, Introduction, JavaScript Objects, Advanced JavaScript, Examples and references. Covering all the six sections will make you understand all the important aspects of this scripting language.



Tizag is one another favorite site for many to learn web programming languages online. Like in W3schools tutorial in this site looks very simple yet powerful with information. The language used in this tutorial is very simple and easy to understand. It covers all most all important areas in JavaScript and makes things even simple by providing examples in required areas. You can choose to learn the language at your own time and phase as you wish.

Free Webknowledge


JavaScript tutorial in this site is very informative with loads of information and examples. The whole tutorial is split into 40 lessons for easy learning and to set your own goals to finish learning the language at a set time frame. You can easily browse through one chapter after another as you finish learning. This tutorial will tell you all about JavaScript, buttons, arrays, protection, boxes, detection, frames, cookies, etc., in a very simple and understandable way.



This site holds many tutorials to help you learn with programming languages online. JavaScript tutorial is a great resource that you can find on this site. Unlike other tutorials you can double this resource as a quick A-Z JavaScript reference. The main menu of this tutorial is designed in such a way that you can directly to any part of the tutorial for a quick reference. It is useful for both beginners and professionals as it contains and tell about all aspects of JavaScript in a clearly.

JavaScript Tutorial

If you are looking for a quick way to gain overview about JavaScript then this is the site for you. There is only one web page in this site which will tell you about all the important aspects of JavaScript in brief to make you understand how this language actually works. This is a best place for beginners to start learning this web programming language. This can also be used as a quick reference site to look up for examples and arrays of JavaScript.


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