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groovesharklogoWouldn’t it bt nice so just search for any song(s) and play, for free? Literally, just search for a song and listening to it right away. To intrigue you further, here is a web service which enables you to search for any song, add to a playlist check out popular songs, albums and play for free. You need not sign up or click through multiple links before you actually get to the songs, just search for a song and start listening!

I recently stumbled upon Grooveshark, a web based music search engine, streaming service, and a recommendation application. It enables you to search for music, stream, and upload music for free. Users can play the songs immediately or add them to a playlist. Currently Grooveshark streams about 50 to 60 million songs per month.


An intriguing feature of this web based music search engine is its recommendation system, Grooveshark Radio. This recommendation system finds similar songs to those in your playlist and queues them to the playlist. Grooveshark makes it easier for users to share songs by clicking a heart icon, which adds the song to your list of favorites. Grooveshark also enables you to add songs and playlists to your favorites list.

You can easily share music with other users by directly linking songs to other users or by posting links to other social networks. The user interface is slick and intuitive. You can quickly search for song(s) of your choice and add them to your playlist. All the songs being queued appear at the bottom section of the website, so that you can quickly switch between them based on interest. Users can sort the search results (songs) by artist, album, name and relevance. You can also check out the popular songs of the day and month along with the recently played songs. You can even export the songs as a widget.


Adding and removing songs from a playlist is pretty easy. The interface is very user friendly and, there would be no delay in streaming music. Grooveshark also provides you with both free and paid themes to suit the look and feel of your choice.

More importantly, if you happen to close the website accidentally, Grooveshark can restore you playlist. So, its a pretty handy web service to stream music with ease.

Check out Grooveshark


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