Best deal to buy Google Nexus 7 Tablet


Google announced new tablet Nexus 7 Tablet. It costs $199. It is the best tablet available among 7″ tablets. Samsung Tab2 & Kindle Fire don’t match its specs for now. If you are thinking of buying Nexus 7 Tablet, Buy it from Google itself to get a credit towards Google Play Store.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet is designed around Google Play Store. With new Google Play Store, you can buy thousands of movies, tv shows, books, magazines etc. With it’s 7″ screen & Quad Core Tegra processor, It is the best available tablet for games under $200.

Best Deal to Google Nexus 7 Tablet with Google Play Store
Google Play Store is selling 8GB Nexus 7 Tablet for $199 and 16GB for $249. Google is offering $25 credit to spend in Google App Store if you buy it from Google Play Store.

You can use this credit buy anything from Google Play Store including movies, games, books etc. This credit can not be applied to any other nexus devices on the Google Play Store.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet features

-7″ HD display with 1280×800 resolution and 216 PPI. Compare this to new iPad retina display 264 PPI, Kindle Fire 170 PPI
-Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS
-Quad core Tegra Processor, 1GB RAM
-1.2M front camera

Nexus 7 Tablet is available for Pre Order now. Starts shipping from middle of July. It is available in USA, UK, Australia, Canada for now.

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