Get unlimited data plans with prepaid iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3


Are you looking for unlimited data plans? As carriers are getting away from unlimited data plans even with contract, you have to find new ways to get unlimited data plans. people normally limit data usage to avoid overage charges.

If you are thinking of buying a new iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s or new galaxy s3, you are in luck. You can get unlimited data plans for prepaid iPhone on cricket and virgin mobile (sprint service). For galaxy s3, you can get unlimited data plan with contract on sprint.

PrePaid iPhone on Virgin Mobile USA (coverage same as Sprint):
Virgin Mobile starts offering prepaid iPhone from June 29. You can get prepaid iPhone 4S for $649.99 without contract. Voice & data plans start from $30 per month for 300 mins and unlimited messaging & data. It uses Sprint network so coverage should be same. For $55 per month, you can get unlimited voice, messaging, data. You will save over $1000 over 2 years compared to AT&T, Verizon. This is the best deal if you are thinking of getting no contract phone.

PrePaid iPhone on Cricket
Cricket starts offering prepaid iPhone from June 22. iPhone 4 is available for $399.99 and iPhone 4s for $499.99 no contract. Unlimited data & voice plan costs $55 per month. Please make sure Cricket carrier coverage is enough for you. You can save about $600 over 2 years compared to similar AT&T, Verizon.

iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint
Sprint has both iPhone 4s and Galaxy S3 for $199.99 with 2 year contract. You can get Unlimited voice, messaging for $69.99 per month and $10 for Unlimited data plan. This is another option to get unlimited data if you want to buy a new phone with contract.

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How are you planning getting on unlimited data plans? Who is favorite carrier?
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