Free password recovery tools for Windows to recover lost passwords


The following are a couple of free password recovery tools for Windows:

Ophcrack is one of the best password recovery tools available for free. It is simple and easy to use. The beginners and professionals can equally utilize this tool. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Windows can make use of this tool.

In order to use this tool, first we have to visit the site, download the free ISO image and burn it to a CD and boot from the CD.

Now the program starts to work and locates the Windows user accounts and moves on to recover the passwords. All this process is done automatically.

The passwords are recovered automatically using the LiveCD method.

The entire process is completed quickly in very less time.

The lost passwords can be recovered in seconds.

No software installation is required to recover the passwords.

This tool can be used with both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The entire process takes place automatically.


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a another password recovery tool which is simple to use. Unlike other tools where the passwords are recovered, this application erases the password instead of recovering it. After the password has been erased, we can login to our account without using any password.

This application also is similar to Ophcrack where we have to download the ISO file and create a burned CD. And then boot the CD to start the application.

This tool works well with Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Windows NT.

Unlike Ophcrack this tool will not show the recovered passwords.

This application deletes the password allowing access for Windows without any password.

This tool does not demand knowledge of old passwords to access Windows.

This is an open source application and will remain free.

The ISO image of this application is much smaller than other password recovery tools.

The ISO image must be burned to a CD, before passwords can be reset.

This application’s interface is completely text based.


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