How to get free local tv channels with antenna without cable dish


If you are looking to cut the cord by cancelling your satellite subscription like dish network, directv or cable from comcast or cox, you can still get local TV channels for free. Local channels are broadcast over the air (OTA). If you combine local channels with Netflix or Hulu, you can save some real money.

How to check what free local channels are available near your address
You can use TV antenna to get local channels for free. But there are couple of types antennas including indoor antenna, over the roof antenna, attic mounted antenna etc.

Using TV Fool signal locater, You can find channels that are broadcast in your area. It displays color coded options for each type of antenna and distance between your home & transmitter. You can decide what type of antenna you want to get by analyzing channels you want.

Best TV antennas for getting local channels
Paper Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna has good reviews on Amazon. It looks like a paper. It mixes nicely with your living room decor. It has good reception reviews. If you are within 30 miles range of broadcast transmitters, you need Leaf Antenna. If you are within 40 miles, you need Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna also has good reviews. This is an amplified antenna. It can receive VHF channels 2-13 & UHF channels 14-69.

Antennas Direct DB8 Extreme Range UHF DTV Antenna is for you if you live more than 70 miles or more from transmitter.

With all these antennas, you can get ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other local channels in your area.

It seems there is no way to get free local channels on streaming devices like Roku etc. USTVNow has a private channel on Roku but you need to be abroad to watch using USTVNow. It is designed for travellers. You can add this channel to Roku by going here.

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