Best Free Ad Blockers for iPhone/iPad


Ad Blocker or Content Blockers have been there for a while now. You have more than couple of ad blockers to choose since Apple introduced them as part of iOS 9.

I like good ads. But most of the ads are not good like pop ups, trackers etc. You don’t want to your iPhone or iPad screen to be cluttered with ads. Fortunately, Ad Blockers are good at blocking these ads now.

Free Ad Blockers or Content Blocker for iPhone/iPad

1. AdBlock Plus
AdBlock Plus is a popular ad blocking tool. It is the most popular on the desktop browsers including Chromer, Firefox etc. You can download AdBlock Plus app for free. It works on devices including iPhone 4s, iPad 2 etc.

adblocker plus ios app to block ads on iPhone iPad

Few Non Intrusive ads are displayed by default. You can turn them of in the Settings > Acceptable Ads.

2. 1Blocker
1Blocker – Free version of 1Blocker blocks ads or trackers. You can block all ads if you want with free version. But If you want to block trackers too, You need to upgrade to Pro version.

1blocker ad blocker removes ads

It has lot of other options including WhiteListing web sites to allow ads on those sites, Blocking Comments, Blocking Twitter Widgets, Facebook Widgets etc.

3. Sanitize
Sanitize is another free iOS app to block ads, pop ups, social sharing buttons etc. It also option whitelist sites to allow ads on certain web sites.

sanitizer ad blocker ios app

Whats Your favorite ad blocker? Please Share in the Comments.

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