Flickr Releases App Garden to Download or Create Applications


flickr_logoFlickr the most loved photo sharing site now has released new feature called App Garden. Using this service any Flickr user can create applications using Flickr API. You can also find and download many useful Flickr applications developed by other Flickr users in this site. So now anyone can develop application to present Flickr public content to others in impressing and new way as they like.


Any developer can showcase their creation in App Garden to let other Flickr users know about it. For creating an application using Flickr API you need to request for an API key. There is an option to get a commercial or non-commercial API key to include it in your application.

Once you have got your API key you can proceed developing your application using Flickr API. You must follow Flickr community Guidelines, API terms and conditions and Yahoo! terms of services to develop your application.


For Flickr users you can download any application that is hosted in App Garden and use it for free. These applications will give you extra comfort and ease to use Flickr services in a new way. You can choose to download or upload images to Flickr easily. Some of these applications allow you to search for a particular kind of image from the data base and you can also see and manage comments received to your photos easily.


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