How to find your lost/stolen android tablet like Nexus 7/Samsung Tab


We lose things time to time. If your android tablet is lost or stolen, You can try to find or track your android device using android apps. You might have misplaced your android tablet like Nexus 7 or Samsung Tab 2 etc in your house etc. You can find it easily.

Can you find your lost android tablet If you don’t have any preinstalled android apps that can find your tablet? I searched for such android apps.

Update 08/07/2013: Locate your lost android device with Google’s Android Device Manager

How to find your lost android tablet If you did not any configure apps like WheresMyDroid, AndroidLost?
You are not prepared for it to happen. You did not install any android apps using which you can locate, track & find your android tablet. Unfortunately there is little hope to find such android tablet for now.

Most of the android apps that find your lost or stolen android device use SMS feature to find your android device. Android tablets can’t receive SMS messages so these apps don’t work if you don’t have anything preinstalled & configured.

Plan B from LookOut:
Plan B is the only android app that works for some extent. It does not work on android 4.0 or later versions like Ice Cream Sandwich & Jelly Bean. It works on earlier android versions.

If you have android tablet like Xoom, Samsung Tab thats running earlier version of android OS, you are in luck. You can follow below steps to try to find it.

1. Login to your Google account you used on your android tablet. Install Plan B remotely.

2. It will be downloaded your android tablet. It sends location of your device to your gmail email address. It includes a link to Google Maps. Check your email for any messages from LookOut. It works even if GPS is turned off. If WiFi is turned off or signal is not available, It sends email whenever It connects to network.

3. It does not work If your android device is turned off or battery died obviously. This android app was last updated in April 2011. So it does not seem to be working for android 4.0 or later android tablets.

Any Chance to find your lost android 4.0 tablet now?
If you have installed & configured any of these below android apps before you lost your android tablet, There is good chance you can find it. Otherwise it would be hard.

You can go to Google Play Store > My Android Apps on your computer & see if you installed any of the below apps before you lost android tablet.

1. Lookout Security & Antivirus:
Lookout is popular android app for secutiry & antivirus. It is installed on millions of android devices. Try to remember if you installed this on your device.

If you have enable “Missing Device” in Lookout, You can find it now. It also have “Signal Flare” option. If you have enabled it, You can find last known location of android tablet. This is helpful if battery died or tablet is turned off.

Go to LookOut and login to find android tablet. You can see the location on the map. If you are near by the tablet, You can use Scream option to make loud sound to find it.

2. AVG Anti Virus
AVG Anti Virus can also locate your android tablet. Check if you already installed it by going to Google Play Store on your android tablet before you lost it. You can turn on the GPS remotely and find it on Google Maps.

Go to AVG Mobilation to find your tablet.

3. Avast Mobile Security
Avast android app has anti theft protection as well. You can control android tablet remotely via web by going to avast site.

4. Norton AntiVirus & Security – Norton Anti-Theft Plug In
Norton Antivirus & Security, Norton Anti-Theft Plug In also has locate, scream options. You can find if your android device has it by going to Google Play Store on your computer.

Go to Norton website & login with your Norton account to locate android tablet.

5. Wheres My Droid
Whereis My Droid is popular android app for locating android phones. If you installed & configured commander on your android tablet, you can find it by going to Wheres My Droid site. You can login with your Google user name & password to find lost tablet.

6. Android Lost
Android Lost is another android app. It automatically registers your email addresses with its web interface whenever you launch it for the first time.

You can control your android tablet by logging to Android Lost site with Google user name & password. You can view the location of tablet on Google Maps.

You can remotely install all these android apps but you can’t register them to control via web interface or launch these apps remotely on android tablets. You can control using SMS on android phones though.

If you still can’t find your lost or stolen android tablet, Contact Manufacturer to disable the device. In case of Nexus 7, your account might be used to download apps, movies etc from Google Play Store. You can contact Google Support to disable the Nexus 7 remotely.

Did you have success in finding your android tablet like Nexus 7, Samsung Tab, Xoom, Asus Transformer Pad, Samsung Galaxy Note, Pandigital, Coby Kyros etc

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  1. I lost my Sony Tablet P and it cannot install Plan B so I used Android Lost to try and find it but so far i only get the stats of my tablet not its location please help

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