How to Extract Clips from DVDs in just Three Clicks


dvd_scissorsDVD Knife is a cool DVD cutter application which allows you to extract clips from DVD movies in just three clicks. It is free Windows only application to easily and quickly extract clips from DVD’s. All the extracted clips will be stored in VOB format so you can extract large clips. It will not decompress or compressed extracted file so the clips will be same quality as the source.

You can use this application to cut your favorite clips from movies stored on DVD. It is very easy to use tool. Just download the 3.93 MB executable file and install the application on your system. Open DVD Knife and select a source file to extract clip from. Now all that you have to do is


  • select start time
  • Select end time using the slide bar and
  • Click on save button.

Your movie clip will be extracted and stored on hard drive. You can now watch your favorite clips right in Windows Media player anytime. You can use this application to extract clips from your home video and e-mail them to your family or friends easily.


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