How to download Nexus 7 User Manual/Guide Pdf


Nexus 7 is the Google’s first tablet made by both Google & Asus. Nexus 7 features latest android OS Jelly Bean android 4.1. It is the best tablet available right now under $199. Nexus 7 has new features like Google Now and other improvements. If you want to know Nexus 7 tips or you want to have some fun with Google Now, you need to know how to the new Nexus 7 tablet.

Google Nexus 7 support page is buried on Google site. It is hard to find the support site at least for me. Nexus 7 User Manual is useful if you want to use Google Search by voice features properly etc

Download Nexus 7 Guide book
Nexus 7 user manual is available to download from Nexus7 product support page . This page is hard to find find.

I am listing some of the following information that might be useful from Nexus 7 user manual.

1.Make search personal with Google Now, Search tips & tricks, Voice action commands

2.Connect to devices using android beam, bluetooth, windows pc or mac

3.Secure Nexus 7 tablet with encryption, face lock etc

4.Jelly Bean tips

Download Nexus 7 user manual here

Also read how to turn off notifications in nexus 7

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One thought on “How to download Nexus 7 User Manual/Guide Pdf

  1. Thank you for your service. It amazed me how difficult it was to find a manual that should be posted on their company’s website or at least have a good link on google for.

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