Download Jelly Bean Wallpapers/Live Wallpapers for Free


Google announced Jelly Bean android 4.1 OS. It is newer version of android for this year. It is not released yet. It features Google Now and some other interesting features. It is available with new Google Nexus 7 tablet & Galaxy Nexus phones.

Download Jelly Bean Wallpapers
Jelly Bean OS features 10 stock wallpapers. Download & Install Jelly Bean Wallpapers app on your phone. After installing go to Home Screen > Menu > Wallpapers > Choose 1 of the 10 wall papers.

You can save wallpapers to Gallery to use them on other devices like computer etc.

Download Jelly Bean Live Wallpapers
This live wallpaper has an easter egg. It floats across your screen. Download & Install Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper app from Google Play Store.

After installing it, Go to Home Screen > Menu > Wallpaper > Live Wallpaper to use them.

Both of these apps can be used on any android device that runs android 2.1 or later. So you can use these wallpapers on your new Samsung Galaxy s3 with Ice Cream Sandwich or Galaxy S2.

Also, check out how to change or rotate your android wallpaper automatically. | via


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