How to download & install any apk file or android app on Kindle Fire HD


You got Kindle Fire HD. Amazon App Store is known for less android apps than Google Play Store. I noticed few apps in Amazon App Store say “compatible with Kindle Fire HD”. But you can’t download it on your new Kindle Fire HD. Thats not good.

You don’t need to root Kindle Fire HD to install apk file or android app. You also don’t need to install Google Play Store or Google Services Framework. You can just download apk file to your Kindle Fire HD and install it.

I wanted to download Maxthon browser on Kindle Fire HD. Maxthon developer says It is compatible with Kindle Fire HD as you can see it on Amazon site. But If you search for Maxthon in your Kindle Fire HD, you don’t see any results. It seems Amazon allows it for Kindle Fire Tablet only. Not for Kindle Fire HD.

If you believe an app is compatible with Kindle Fire HD, You can follow below to download & install any apk on your Kindle Fire HD.

1 You need file explorer android app to browse through your downloads folder or any folder. You can download ES File Explorer app from Amazon App Store on your Kindle Fire HD. Install this app.

2. You need to find the apk file you want to download. It is generally available on developer page. You can find developer site on Amazon app page. You can go to softpedia, getjar etc on your Kindle Fire HD and download the apk file. You can find the downloaded apk file in Downloads folder. Open ES File Explorer and go to downloads folder.

If you have apk file on your computer, copy it to Kindle Fire HD using USB cable. You can copy it anywhere as longs as you can access it using ES File Explorer

3. Open the APK file using ES File Explorer. You may get a warning message saying “Application Install Blocked. For security, your Kindle is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Amazon AppStore.”

4. Tap on Settings > check “Allow Installation of Applications” to ON

5. Thats it. Your Apk file should install now. You can access the app under Apps section of your Kindle Fire.

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4 thoughts on “How to download & install any apk file or android app on Kindle Fire HD

  1. After getting the apk file to get maxthon browser on my kindle hd, i have problem playing youtube videos thru browser. How can I fix this problem? Thanks.

  2. Hi I have a new iPad 2 I would like to download Es explorer file on it every time I tried to do so a message showed up that the web “safari or chrome”can’t download this file.Would someone please give a suggestion or any help me.

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