Download Free Ringtones on Android like Samsung Galaxy S3


It is easy to download ringtones on android phones. You can download free ringtones in any genre you like. You don’t have to search any more to find the best ringtones for your android phone like galaxy s2 or s3 or any other phone.

Apps to Download Free Ringtones
You can search and download free ringtones using below apps. These apps are free. You don’t have to pay anything.

1. Free MP3 Ringtone Maker
It lets you create or edit new ringtones. You can search for music and download mp3 songs and set them as ringtones or notification tones on your phone.

1. Download & Install ringtone app from Google Play Store.
2.Open the app to search for ringtones. It has huge selection of songs from classical to rock. You can download mp3 songs to create ringtones.
3.You can control the part of the song you want as ringtone using ringtone editor.
4.You can assign ringtone as default ringtone for all contacts or selected contacts.
5.You can use existing music collection and use them for creating ringtones.

Works on Android OS 1.5 and up. Google Play users used it on HTC EVO, HTC Desire, LG Optimus, Galaxy S, Motorola Driod, WildFire, Galaxy S2 etc recently as per the reviews.

2. Zedge
Zedge is more than a ringtone maker app. It has Live HD Wallpapers, Games etc. You can download popular free songs to use them as ringtones, message tones, alarms etc. It offers a wide variety of collection of songs from Bollywood to Country. Good thing is the list of songs are updated frequently, so you can find new songs whenever you are bored with your ringtones.

1.Download and Install Zedge from Play Store.
2.You can download and manage songs.
3.Set songs as ringtones from within the app itself.
4.Extra stuff like backgrounds like HD Wallpapers, Games

3. Ringtone Maker
You can adjust fade & volume for the mp3 ringtones using this app. Create ringtones for file types mp3, wav, aac/mp4 (itunes format), 3gpp. You can use your existing audio songs or download from amazon mp3 store.

1.Download & Install Ringtone Maker
2.Copy your audio files to sd card to create ringtones or download from amazon mp3
3.Fade in/out for adjusting volume. Adjust music start and end points.
4.Saves ringtones to sdcard/ringtones etc

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One thought on “Download Free Ringtones on Android like Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. Thanks very much for the information, particularly about Zedge. I tried it and was able to download the classic old bell phone sound for my new Samsung S3, which has the lamest ringtones I have ever heard. I need something that I can hear easily, as well as something that will work well in a business environment. Free doesn’t hurt either!

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