How to delete Google/Microsoft/Facebook account on Windows Phone 8 like Lumia 920, HTC 8X


You can add multiple email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, Windows Live, Outlook or accounts like Facebook, Twitter to Windows Phone. You can read emails, sync contacts and calendar from multiple accounts. You may want to delete these accounts from time to time. You might have added them by mistake or You don’t want to use that account any more etc.

It is easy to delete any Google, Microsoft or Facebook account easily on Windows Phone 8 like Nokia Lumia 920, 820, HTC 8X etc.

How to remove GMail/Microsoft/Facebook accounts from Windows Phone 8
1. Go to Settings > email+accounts on your Windows Phone.

2. You will see all your accounts there. Long Press on the account you want to delete and Tap on delete to delete the account.

Thats easy. If you want to delete primary Microsoft account you set up on your phone for the first time, You don’t see any delete option. You can’t remove this Microsoft account from Windows Phone. If you want to change or delete Microsoft account, You need to reset your Windows Phone to factory settings. You will lose all your data like photos, videos, contacts etc. So make sure to backup data to your computer manually before resetting your Phone.

You can delete accounts in the same way on any Windows Phone including Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 810, 822, 620, 610, HTC 8X, 8S, Samsung Ativ etc

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