6 Google Chrome Tips

It is true that Google chrome features minimal features and allows the user to surf on the net with ease by knowing some of the interesting tips in Google Chrome user can enhance the browsing experience and navigate within and between the web pages easily. Here in are some tips for Google Chrome that come in handy while surfing and to move around the features faster. Continue reading

Best Sites/Services to Follow Trends on the Web

The ability to follow trends is handy, especially for web publishers and/or web marketers. Having an idea about what people are saying and/or searching for in the web is valuable as it is the key to running a successful website and there are a few websites and services that helps you in tracking the trends on the web.

Google Trends: Google Trends plays a major role in gauging the trends in the web.  Google Trends displays the major trends happening in the web through a graphical display. It also displays regional and linguistic features along with it. Plus its “Hot Topics” and “Hot Searches” and the recently integrated of real time search feature makes Google Trends one of the standard tools fo checking web trends.

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AbiWord: Free Word Processing Program


‘AbiWord 2.6.8′  is a GNU free software which has been developed by AbiSource Community. This application is similar to Microsoft Word. This is a fully-featured word-processing program which is available for free. Continue reading