Best calendar applications for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a free and open source operating system which is gaining popularity slowly. There used to be very few applications for Linux/Ubuntu operating system, but as its popularity grow many applications are been developed. Many calendar applications are available for other operating systems but there are only few for Ubuntu.

Here in this post we have listed some best calendar applications for Ubuntu which will help you to remember important dates and enter to-do list easily. Some of these applications are cross platform which you can use on any operating system.

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How to Open .ODF Files in Microsoft Office

odfThere are many applications like, Google Docs and other free and open source office applications. Files created in these applications have file extensions has .ODT (text document) .ODS (spreadsheet) and .ODP (PowerPoint). Files with these extensions will not open in Microsoft Office 2007 or earlier versions. But you can make them open in MS Office by installing a plug-in.

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How to Edit the Right Click Menu on Windows

hand_and_mouseRight click menu in windows comes in handy for selecting many functions. When you install certain applications they add themselves to right click menu while some other asks you to add to the right click menu or not. Most of the time we accept to add it in the right click menu thinking that it might be useful in the feature.

If you are installing many applications on your computer, chances are that many new items will be added to the right click menu. Many items in the menu make your computer to work harder and you need to wait for few seconds for the menu to appear. You can choose to remove any applications items from the menu easily by hacking the registry in windows. Follow the steps below to enable or disable any items in the menu to make it work faster and keep the menu simple.

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Best Sites to Compare Textbook Prices

textbooksTextbooks are one thing that everyone has to buy at the start of semester or during to the course of college or study. You might have searched various sites to look for available books and buy them online. During the course of your survey you might have also noticed that same Textbook costs different in different sites.

There are many sites where you can search for a textbook by giving keyword, ISBN number, Author or Title. To make your task simple and let you find the Textbook at the lowest price possible over Internet we have listed few best sites to do search and compare prices of books. Here using these sites you can also search for used or new textbooks listed on various sites from all over the world.

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How to Change the Default Media Player in Windows

change_windows_default_media_playerAll Windows Operating Systems comes with Windows Media Player as a default media player. There are many other modern media players available which are packed with many great and useful features then Windows Media Player. You might be having your favorite media player installed on your computer and want to set it as your default media player.

But when you double click on any media file on your computer it opens in WMP by default. In some cases WMP asks you to download codec to play the file. There are many good media players like VLC which comes with virtually all latest codec such that you can play any video or audio file easily and also with comfort. To set your favorite media player as your default media player in Windows follow the steps below.

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