How to Convert a Web Page to a PDF

web_to_pdfUsing your browser you can view web pages and most of the browsers allow you to download and save web pages. But what if you want to mail a saved web page to somebody? It is not that easy to mail a web page as it comes in many little files. The solution that you have is converting the web page into a PDF and mail the PDF easy and simple.

There are both online and desktop tools available which allow you to convert web pages to a PDF file on fly and they are free. After conversion you can mail it or store on your computer for feature use. Here are some of the best tools you can find to convert web page to a PDF file.

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3 Best calendar Applications

calendarCalendar applications and to-do list managers are the best tools to keep your life organized. Using these applications accordingly you can make good use of time and schedule your daily routines and get reminders about important events ahead. There are many calendar applications both desktop and online based available.

Here in this post we are going to discuss about the best free calendar applications. The best calendar application can make your agenda in an orderly manner.

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Tools to Remove Backgrounds from Images

There are several photo editing tools available using which you can edit your digital images. What if you want to remove unnecessary background from images or want to separate an object from the image? Many latest image editing tools like Photoshop which allow you to remove background from images.

There are other simple tools using which you can remove background without much effort compared to tools like Photoshop. Here are some of the best tools for removing background from images.

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How to Merge mp3 Files

mp3_file_logoIf you are looking for a way to enjoy continuous music without gaps in-between tracks or want to join separate tracks of audio book into one such that you can listen to the tracks without any break. You can do this by merging or joining multiple mp3 files into one large file using special software’s like Merge mp3, Audacity, etc.

Joining multiple tracks into one big file does not change the sound quality in any way all that these software’s do is merge files without leaving a gap in-between them. This sounds great if you want to party with sound without any gaps. You can choose to merge any number of tracks of any length and size using these applications. Here are some of the best applications that you can use to merge multiple mp3 files into one large file.

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3 Best Photo Recovery Softwares

cameraDigital photographs provide us with multiple advantages in sense of quality and usability. We can save hundreds and thousands of photos on a single hard disk or small flash card. What if you have accidently deleted photos on your hard drive or formatted flash card and also empty the recycle bin? There is no reason to panic, there are special software’s available which allow you to recover deleted or damaged photos easily.

Photo rescue software’s are not much different than any other data recovery software’s. Even though the principle used here is the same as that of data recovery software’s but there is a considerable change in the algorithm used in photo recovery software’s. These applications are designed to find and rescue as much available data as possible without losing any quality. Here are some of the best photo rescue software’s which helps you to restore photos from flash cards, hard drives, etc., in few simple steps.

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