How to Make a Photo Smile or Wink

You take a snap of your fiance and find she is unusually gloomy and you don’t quite want her to look like that. So what do you do? Well, there are quite a few options to do that and you can do virtually anything with some tweaking around with the Photoshop. But that is immensely time consuming and needs more than a casual hobbyist’s interest to produce such effects through Photoshop.

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How to Setup Dual Monitors in Windows 7


Windows 7 the latest version of Windows Operating system has come up with many useful features and made using existing features simple. One among them is setting up dual monitors on Windows 7 home or office computer.

There are mainly two ways by which you can setup dual monitors in Windows 7

1) Using shortcut keys on the keyboard

This is the very simple and most preffered option for most of the users.

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Download Free Quality Photoshop Brushes and Patterns

brusheezyThere are number of sites offering Photoshop brushes, finding brushes is not that hard but finding quality brushes is not easy either. What if a site does all the hard work for you and host many quality Photoshop brushes and patterns in one place. Brusheezy is one such site offering quality brushes and patterns which you can download for free. This is the site where you can also upload your own brushes to share them with others.

At the first glance at the site you will be greeted with amazing patterns and brushes. Click on any of the icon to know more about it preview and download options. At the top of the site you can find tabs for brushes, patterns and option for submitting your own brushes or patterns.

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Firefox Addons for WordPress

wordpress1Firefox is the most used web browser by many Internet users and WordPress is one of the popular blogging platform. If you love Firefox and have a blog powered by WordPress then checkout this cool collection of Firefox addons for WordPress.

OneClick Installer for WordPress


This addon allows you to install any WordPress plugin or theme from the context menu of your Firefox web browser. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

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New Web App Transforms Poems and Lyrics into Photographs

flickr-poet-show-storyWith our mass exodus towards everything in Web 2.0, visual content is also continually reshaping and transforming its presence in the the cloud. Images are not static entities anymore as they are invading the web 2.0 in various interactive , engaging fashions which are also gradually changing the way a story is narrated. The latest development in that domain is a web app called FlickrPoet that leverages Flickr’s large and continuously  growing image database to create various visual montages about a poem or a lyric.

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