Best Websites to Make Banners Online

Banners can be attractive and grab the attention of the readers effectively such that your messages will be read by many people. Making banners is very easy and there are many sites on Internet where you can create and download banners easily and quickly. You can create stationary banners, flash animation banners, GIF, etc., in this sites for free and place them on your web sites. Banners are very good for advertising any product so to promote your product effectively you can make a banner of your product in these sites.

Herein are best sites where in you can create banners and banners ads easily in minutes.

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Google Docs Automatically Translates Documents into 42 Languages

Today Google released a feature for Google Docs to make multi-lingual document sharing easier — you can now automatically translate documents into 42 different languages.


Translating documents is easy, go to the ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘Translate’ document, then choose the language you want to translate to. Google Docs will open the translated document in a new window, then offer to replace the original document with the translation or copy the translation to a new document.

You can always replace the original document with the translation or make a new translated version. All the formatting and layout is preserved no matter what language it’s in.

Source: Google Blog via LifeHacker

Best Tools for Downloading Streaming Videos and Audio

record-buttonThere are several Online streaming video sites where in you can find many of your favorite videos and watch them online through a streaming protocol. What if you want to watch them offline on your computer? You can now record these streaming videos and audio files on to your computer such that you can watch them offline.

There are several applications are available which enable you to download the streaming videos on to your computer. When you are watching videos online the video file will be downloaded in the temp folder and will be deleted soon after you navigate away from the page. By using these software’s now you can save the downloaded file and save it to view offline. Most of the software’s are independent of the browser such that you can download the video and audio files easily.

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6 Best iPhone Games for Under One Dollar

iphone2Mobile phones are not just for the conversation and to stay in touch with one another now days we are seeing smart phone and the smartest of all is the iPhone with many features and allows you to install other application which can make your life easy and smart. One more interesting feature about iPhone is its collection of games and from the iTunes stores you can download even more to play on your iPhone. Big screen with touch functionality and accelerometer will change your perspective of playing games, play games in the iPhone way. Here in are 6 best iPhone games which you can buy under a dollar and gives you good company in your free time.

1) Stunt Pilot


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