Tools for Jailbreaking iPhone 3.0

iphone2Apple has released the new firmware 3.0 for the iPhone. If you have upgraded your jailbroken and unlocked phone with the latest firmware then your phone will be locked and all the settings will be restored to factory settings. Using the previous tools which you have used to jailbreak iPhone will not work on the latest OS 3.0.

However, the Dev team who are into developing software’s for jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone have come up with the latest software’s that allow you to jailbreak the iPhone that are running on the new OS 3.0. Herein are the tools to jailbreak and unlock iPhone and you can use them on iPod touch 1G, iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G but not on iPhone 3G S.

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How to Scan, Copy and Fax with Your Camera Phone

scanr-logoDid you know that you can use your camera phone to scan, copy and fax? Yes, you can do all these with your camera phone. ScanR is an online service that made this possible. All  you got to do is just take a picture of the document, business card, white board or anything that has printed or hand written information and send it to scanR via MMS or email. ScanR will analyze the picture and send the scan back to you as a PDF file, text, image or vCard file or send it as a fax to anywhere in the world. All that you need to have is atleast 1 megapixel camera phone with data plan.

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Belkin Laptop Cooling Hub and Pad Review

Many of us might have experienced that the laptop temperature rises critically when it is run for a longer period. When you place the laptop over the legs, you can feel the heat, which might be dangerous for you and the laptop alike. To keep of the heat and effectively cool the system cooling pads are effective in this regard.

Belkin has launched new Laptop Cooling Hub and Pad in India recently. Built with high quality materials and stylish design makes it ideal for home or office use.
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Clipomatic: Store Multiple Texts on Clipboard

Windows OS does not support storing multiple texts in the clipboard except for Microsoft Word which has its own Clipboard and stores up to 24 clips. Clipomatic is an easy to use utility for storing multiple texts on clipboard.

It creates a cache of what has been copied to the clipboard and does not erase the old clip. Clipomatic only works with text and is compatible with any modern version of Windows. Continue reading