How to Find & Display Subtitles for a Movie/Video

Watching movies with subtitles is real fun. If you have difficulty understanding the language or the way words are pronounced, subtitles will help you to understand every bit of the conversation- taking place in the movie. However, not every video file comes up with subtitles. What can you do then? Well, there is a solution, you can download subtitle file from the Internet and put movie and subtitle file in the same folder and make sure that the file names of both movie and subtitle files are same excluding file extension.
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Password protect a windows folder or directory

Hide Folder is a security software which enables you to hide your private folders from others. The files which contain your personal data can be hidden using a password, with the help of this application. This password can be changed or removed at any time. By allowing to hide the file, others will not know even about the existence of your personal files. A few clicks are enough to hide the file. In this way you can successfully avoid others from manipulating your private data. Continue reading