Cyber Monday vs Black Friday. Which One is Likely to Last?


cyber-monday-salesCoined as early as in 2004, Cyber Monday has already lost its original context of sale. In as recent past as 5 years,  (or as ancient, in the world of digital revolution and the web 2.0 explosion, 5 years is a damn long time. You bet…) Cyber Monday was a huge draw for post holiday and pre-Christmas shop-al-holics. So when the U.S. trade association, National Retail Federation coined the term in 2005, (following reports of massive online sells in the 2004 November Monday that came right after the festive Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend), it was meant to be cashing on a shopper’s impulse. Cyber Monday intended to be the digital equivalent of the brick-and-mortar shopping spree, cashing in on the shopper’s post festive urge to pick up hot online deals, post the festive weekend (and to use the fast internet connections in the offices for it).

However, that is already a passé. Depending on the office Internet for high speed connection already seems like an ancient story. So, does Cyber Monday still hold the same charm as it did as long ago as, well 5 digital years ago?
Alex Pham, points out this in the Los Angeles Times blog (“So long. Cyber Monday?”) arguing that the very technological contexts that gave rise to Cyber Monday do not really exist today. We don’t need any particular day of the year now to up our online shopping ante, as our lives are moving more and more to the cloud itself.

However, interestingly, all this exodus to the cloud has not affected the appeals of Black Friday at all. In fact it has been enhanced, with many lucrative Black Friday deals being posted on the internet and many of the biggest dealers not putting on any particular emphasis on Cyber Monday as such. Instead, they are putting different lucrative deals throughout this entire holiday week ( for instance have posted different online deals on different days of this week itself).


However, the original impluse still lasts and Cyber Monday still does ring in something for the digitally inclined shoppers. If not for its ecommerce novelty any more, but at least for sheer convenience of picking up the remains of the day, post the Black Friday- Thanks Giving weekend. A productive way to tackle the post festive/holiday fatigues. And to ring the cash registers in the retailers’ pockets.


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