How to create/edit mp3 ringtone in android like galaxy s2 s3


Are you looking for a way to create a free ringtone on your android phone? Do you want set mp3 songs as ringtones for your contacts for free? If you answered yes, you don’t need to search any more. It is easy to create or edit ringtones using mp3 songs on your android phone like samsung galaxy s2 or galaxy s3 or any other phone.

MP3 Ringtone Maker lets create ringtones on android easily. You can download and install it from Google Play Store for free.

Set your mp3 songs as ringtone
you can use one of the songs from your music collection to create ringtone.

1.Open the MP3 Ringtone app
2.Tap on Ringtone Editor
3.Select song from your songs list
4.Adjust or customize ringtone part using sliders
5.Save it as ringtone. You can also save it as part of notification, alarm sounds
6.Set newly created ringtone as default ring tone for all contacts or select a contact.

If you don’t have the song in your music collection or you want to download a song, you can easily download mp3 songs from the app it self. Open the app & tap on search and enter song title, artist name or album name to search for songs. You can download the song and set it as ringtone.

This app works for android version 1.5 and up. So it works for Ice Cream Sandwich android 4.0 also. It is also lightweight with 438k. You can use it on any android phone like Samsung Galaxy S, S2, S3, galaxy nexus, motorola droid, htc one x etc

Only problem with this app is – it force closes sometimes as per google play reviews.

You don’t need to buy ringtones any more. You can create free ringtones in seconds using this ringtone maker app for android.

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2 thoughts on “How to create/edit mp3 ringtone in android like galaxy s2 s3

  1. Thank you. I have been looking two days for some reasonable way to get decent music for ringtones.

    I just put Friends will be Friends by Queen on which makes me very happy.

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