How to transfer contacts/sms/songs from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S3/Note 2 etc


You got a new Samsung smartphone like Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 etc. First thing you might do is to transfer data from your old phone to new Samsung Phone. You might be moving from iPhone. It is easy to transfer contacts, videos, music, messages, photos etc from iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 to Samsung phones.

Samsung has Kies software. It is similar to Apple’s iTunes. You can use Samsung Kies to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung phones. Best thing is, you can transfer sms messages, calender, contacts, music, photos, videos etc in one go.

How to transfer data from iPhone 5/4S/4 to Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/Note 2 Phones
1. Update your iTunes to latest version. Make a backup of your iPhone using iTunes. Connect your iPhone to computer using USB cable. In iTunes, Go to File > Devices > Backup. Make a backup to local computer (not cloud backup). Make sure not to select encrypt local backup option. Click on “Back up Now”. Apple site has more detailed instructions to backup if you need them.

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2. Open Samsung Kies program on your computer. Install Kies If you already don’t have it. You may need to reboot and start Kies install if it does not install successfully. It will download hot fixes etc. Also make sure, you have latest version of Samsung Kies installed.

3. Connect your new Samsung phone to computer using USB cable. Click on your phone in the left window. You will an option to transfer back up data from non samsung device. Select Apple from dropdown.

image credit: Samsung

4. Select the iPhone backup you just created. Select the items you want to transfer like contacts, sms, schedules, photos, music, videos etc. and click on Start button. DRM protected music is not transferred to your new phone. Thats it. Enjoy your new Samsung phone.

This works for any Samsung phone including Galaxy S, S2, S3, S3 Mini, (S4 also), Galaxy Note 2 etc

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One thought on “How to transfer contacts/sms/songs from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S3/Note 2 etc

  1. hi, when i try to tranfer data from my iphone 3gs to samsung note 2 using kies software,i couldnt connect my iphone in kies software,whereas my samsung note2 shows connected, its shows error called its cannot load the list of the data to tansfer, data may be corrupted or encrypted, back up the data without the password,i try all ths bt still my phone doesnt reflect in kies,so can u plz help me out

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