How to connect Windows 8 tablet like Surface to TV using micro HDMI


You may want to watch photos, videos you have on your Windows 8 tablet like Surafce, Asus VivoTab on the big screen like TV. Windows RT tablets feature micro HDMI out for connecting to HDMI.

Microsoft Surface has HD Video Out for connecting external displays like HD TV, Monitors etc. Microsoft recommends using HD digital AV adapter which costs about $40. Thats really expensive.

How to connect Windows 8 tablets like Surface, VivoTab to TV via micro HDMI
You can just use micro HDMI to HDMI cable for connecting most Windows 8 tablets to HD TV. It just costs few bucks. If you have any existing micro HDMI cable, you can try using that. You don’t need to buy expensive HD digital AV adapter.

Amazon has miro HDMI to HDMI cables for couple of bucks.

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