How to connect USB flash drive to Nexus 7 / Galaxy Nexus / Xoom without rooting


Nexus 7 is small amazing device from Google. But It comes with 8GB & 16GB versions only for now. It does not have any microSD card slot so you can’t extend memory. If you want to extend storage for Nexus 7, you can connect & access USB flash drive as Nexus 7 has USB OTG (On The Go) feature.

How to connect USB drive to Nexus 7 using USB OTG
1. You need to have USB OTG adapter cable. It costs about $1. You can buy USB OTG cable from Amazon. You can connect & browse through USB drive as Nexus 7 acts as USB host with otg cable.

2. You also need to download & install Nexus Media Importer on your Nexus 7 from Google Play Store. It costs $3 bucks. Using this android app, you can access & stream media like songs & videos from USB flash drive. You have read only access. You can’t write or copy files to USB flash drive. If you want to try this android app first without buying, you can download free Nexus Photo Viewer from Google Play Store.

You don’t need to root Nexus 7 to access USB drive with this android app. If you want to save files to USB drive, you need to root Nexus 7 and use stickmount android app.

For this android app to work, USB drive should be formatted in FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS. exFAT is not supported.

How to connect SD Card Reader or SD card to Nexus 7
You can access microSD card reader or SD card reader same as USB flash drive above. Just make sure to insert SD card into card reader first. More instructions are available on android app page.

How to connect Camera to Nexus 7
You can also connect & access files on the cameras like Canon or Nikon. You need to follow the same procedure as USB flash drive above. You will need USB OTG cable & above android app.

How to connect External Hard Disk(HDD) to Nexus 7
You can access external hard disks if they are powered using their own power source. You need to follow the same procedure as USB flash drive above. It seems to work for WD My Passport with upto 1TB storage.

With USB OTG cable connected to Nexus 7, you can access most of USB Mass Storage devices like USB flash drives, Card Readers, Cameras, External Hard Disks etc.

Nexus Media Importer android app also works with other devices like Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Nexus etc. You can connect USB drive to Xoom & Galaxy Nexus also.

Also read, how to connect USB drive to Nexus 7 using StickMount

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