How to connect Samsung Galaxy Camera to TV using HDMI, AllShare, DLNA


Samsung’s android based point and shoot camera, Samsung Galaxy Camera, is available now. It has 4.8″ screen for taking photos, recording hd videos including 1080p videos. You can share or display your photos & videos on the big screen hd tv easily.

How to connect Galaxy Camera to HD TV
1. Galaxy Camera has hdmi out slot. You can connect Galaxy Camera to HD TV using the HDMI cable. You will also need Samsung micro hdmi adapter. You can buy micro hdmi adapter on Amazon for about $30. If you don’t have wifi, this is useful.

2. If you have Samsung Smart TV or any other DLNA compliant TV or device, You can stream photos & videos from galaxy camera to them using AllShare android app. You can access AllShare app in the Applications on your Galaxy Camera. You need to be on the same WiFi network for both Camera & TV.

If you don’t have WiFi enabled TV, You can use Samsung WiFi All-Share Cast Hub to enable wireless display to your TV. This can mirror your Galaxy Camera’s screen on your big TV.

3. You should be able to use other android apps for AirPlay & DLNA using apps like iMediaShare etc. I did not test these. You should be able able to stream media from your camera to TV or projector as long as they are DLNA compliant.


One thought on “How to connect Samsung Galaxy Camera to TV using HDMI, AllShare, DLNA

  1. Hi.
    Can I use the HDMI port to port the video to TV while recording it?
    Because you know some cameras just can port the recorded video not the video that still recording.

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