How to connect new HTC One M7 to TV via DLNA / AirPlay / Screen Mirroring


You got new HTC One M7 android phone. It is one of the best android phone out there now. HTC One camera is getting rave reviews. Build quality is top notch and feels well in your hands. As you take great photos and videos on the new HTC One, You may want to watch your phone videos, photos on the big screen like your HD TV. It is easy to do this and you should be able stream media to TV in few minutes.

There are more than couple of ways to stream media to TV from your android phone. It depends mostly on the HD TV you have and any other devices you have like Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3, Roku etc.

If your HD TV is a DLNA TV, You don’t need any other devices or media players to stream content from android phone to TV. If you bought a Smart TV or new HDTV recently, It most probably has DLNA capability. You can check it on DLNA website.

How to connect new HTC One M7 to HD TV via DLNA wirelessly
1. Make sure your TV & HTC One are connected to the same wifi network.

2. Open video, photo or music you want to stream to HD TV using Gallery, HTC Watch or Music apps on your android phone.

3. Tap on the Menu > Select the HD TV to stream media to it. Follow On Screen instructions to start playing the video or photo.

You can stream media to any DLNA device including Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Bravia TVs, LG, Panasonic TVs, Blu-Ray Players, WD TV Live etc

Android apps to connect new HTC One M7 to HD TV via Apple TV, Xbox PS3, Roku
You can AirPlay or stream content from your android phone to TV via media players like Apple TV or Game Consoles like Xbox 360, PS3 etc.

You can use android apps like doubleTiwst, iMedShare Lite, Twonky Beam etc. You can read more about these android apps here.

You can use Twonky Beam to stream content to Roku Player which is connect to HD TV.

How to mirror new HTC One M7 screen to HD TV via HTC Media Link HD Wireless HDMI Adapter
If you have HTC Media Link HD Wireless HDMI Adapter, You can wirelessly stream or mirror videos, photos to your HD TV.

HTC MediaLink Adapter costs about $90. You can get it for free If you buy new HTC One on the AT&T website.

1. Make sure both HTC MediaLink Adapter and HTC One are connected to the same WiFi network. Connect HTC MediaLink HD to HD TV using hdmi cable. Connect microUSB power adapter to wall outlet.

htc media link hd wireless adapter htc one

2. After HTC Media Link HD adapter powers up, You will see a notification on the TV. You need swipe three finger up on on your android phone to connect to adapter automatically.

3. On your HTC One, Go to Gallery or Music apps to view photos, videos etc. Your phone screen is mirrored on the TV. You can do other tasks like browsing, emailing etc on the phone while TV plays the media.

4. Swipe three fingers down on your phone to disconnect media playback on the TV.

Thats it. You can watch or share videos, photos, music on the big screen HD TV from your HTC One phone.

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