How to connect Kindle Fire HD to TV, AirPlay, Screen Mirroring


You are liking your new Kindle Fire HD tablet. It is a good tablet if you like Amazon Instant Videos & Amazon Prime. Amazon’s Kindle Fire does not have AirPlay like feature but You can still stream music, videos, photos etc to your HD TV easily.

Connect Kindle Fire HD to TV using HDMI
Kindle Fire has micro HDMI out slot. You can connect Kindle Fire HD to TV using microHDMI to HDMI cable. Amazon has these Type D to Type A cables for about $5. If you are buying micro HDMI cable, make sure to get a longer cable for convenience. You can mirror your Kindle Fire HD screen to TV this way. You can play games too. You don’t see any lag or buffering when you are watching videos etc.

Connect Kindle Fire HD to TV using android apps & DLNA TV, Apple TV, Xbox, PS3 etc
1. iMediaShare Lite: Using this free android app, You can stream media on your Kindle Fire or online media to your TV. You can stream YouTube videos too.

This android app supports most TVs including Samsung, LG, Sony, Toshiba, Phillips etc, Xbox 360, PS3, Apple TV, Blu-ray players, WD TV Live etc. This is similar to AirPlay. If you want more HD channels, YouTube playback from links, ad free experience, buy paid version of iMediaShare for $5.

2. Twonky Beam lets you browse & beam media from Kindle Fire HD to TV. You can continue to browse while streaming media to TV. If you have Apple TV or Xbox 360 or any other supported DLNA compatible devices, you can stream and browse content on your tablet.

You can also maintain a list of videos in the queue. You can manage the queue. Twonky Beam button lets you beam any supported content. These 2 android apps work for Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9″ tablets.

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