Collection of Google’s Best April Fool Jokes and Spoofs


google_logoGoogle is a popular search engine on internet helping millions of people find content on the web daily. From the start of Google’s services there are been April fool jokes and hoaxes over Google services. Gmail is an email service from Google Inc which has started operations on April fool’s day. There are numerous jokes and spoofs over Google which are hard to believe or considering the ability of Google some are hard to ignore. Some of best collection of Google’s hoaxes are listed in here read and enjoy the way you do always.

April 2009 Google


Google Team has announced CADIE stands for”Cognitive Auto heuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity” on 1st of April 2009 on Google blog. According to this report CADIE is an artificial intelligence program which has knowledge has a normal teenager. This program will help get tips and can also generate Senryu (a type of Japanese poem) based on search queries.



On April 1, 2009 YouTube has gave some users the unique opportunity to view its web layout and videos upside down. This is however limited to certain section in YouTube like ‘recommended for you’ and this is only offered to only some audience. Typing &flip=1 at the end of a video URL in YouTube do also have the same effect. Off course this trick is not working now and the videos load normally without any effect.

Gmail Autopilot


Autopilot is a new feature in Gmail which analyzes your first hundred emails and knows what they are about. If you set your Gmail account into Autopilot mode it will there after reply to incoming emails automatically. You can adjust some Autopilot settings under Autopilot tab.

Google Maps recommendations

CADIE recommended places for humans‘ sounds bit alien right! You can find some recommendations made by CADIE the artificial intelligence program from Google. When you click on a recommended palace on Google maps you can see photo and humorous commentary.

Google Chrome with 3D


Watching WebPages in 3D would be much better and gives realistic experience. When you click on enable 3D button the graphics in the webpage in Google chrome will have red and blue shades. By printing PDF 3D documents you can make a pair of 3D glasses to view web pages in 3D.

Google Mobile (Brain Indexing)

Brain Search‘ - just put your mobile phone close to your head such that Google can index your brain. Hope this would be real; this will end the problem of forgetting things and recall golden movements.

2008 Google April fools Jokes

AdSense for Conversations


AdSense is one of the major income sources for Google and now you can sign in for AdSense to display ads in chat Conversations. Ads will be targeted to the type of conversation and you will earn money when your friend clicks on the ad Sounds great right, but this is just another April fool’s joke.

Gday a search future web pages

Google Australia in announced Gday which will search web pages 24 hours before they are actually created. This is possible because it uses all History, cached and other information to build a complex model of internet. So you can search for content on web 24 hours before it actually appears.

Gmail Custom Time


Worried about the time stamp in email that your boss would find out that you have sent the mail late. You can now set custom time stamp in Gmail emails and sent them as you have sent them in time. Gmail introduced this new feature to cover its user’s laziness. A single user can only send 10 mail with custom time otherwise Gmail fear that its users will not trust inline time stamp anymore.

Feeling lucky with Google Calendar

When someone wants to create an event in Google Calendar they just enter correct details and click create event. Now you can see “I’m Feeling Lucky” when you click on this button you will be set with a date with some of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Deep, George.W.Bush or Matt Damon.

ManPower Search


This feature is served by 25 million volunteers online at any given point of time so Google has announced Manpower search feature. In this when a user enters a keyword it will be searched in various documents and online resources by other users and results will be displayed in 32 seconds.

Green Google Talk

In effort to reduce carbon output Google has announced plans to reduce the length of conversations sent over GTalk. Google also encourages its users to use more of IM language which are short and conserve characters and reduce emissions of CO2 leading to Greener GTalk.



Just fill out an online application form to get ready to settle down on Mars. Yes, you have read right it is ‘Mars’- the red planet. Google combined hands with Virgin Group to establish settlement on Mars and named it as Project Virgle.

Older giggle’s of Google

Google TiSP


Get internet service from your toilet, Google TiSP will tell you how to do it. Just drop a weighted end of a fiber optic cable into your toilet and flush. It will be later recovered by professionals at the other end and connect to Internet hub. You then connect your end of the fiber optic cable to a wireless router and surf the net. This will remove unwanted wiring installations and the mess involved. A free service by ‘discreet DNA sequencing’ will analyze personal waste output and displays ads online related to health.



In 2000 Google is still a growing child in the hands of its mother Internet. In that period Google has announced MentalPlex which is said to read the mind of user to know what he wants to search on the Internet. It will then return the search results without the need of user to type in keyword.


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