Clicker: One Stop Shop for Streaming TV


Clicker is a one stop guide for Internet television which helps you to find TV shows, Movies and other video files to watch them online. There are hundreds and thousands of video hosting sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Hulu, etc., where people can upload video files. As the video data base on Internet is huge searching for a specific show is difficult. No matter who is hosting the video Clicker can help you find any show you want to watch online.


Clicker is a mix of search engine, wiki, entertainment guide, directory and DVR to help you find and watch TV shows online. It helps you to know what are the links available and what not so you can watch shows you are looking for easily and smoothly. You can also know the links worth watching because of its amazing catalogs and reviews.

It┬ámakes your search for a TV show, Movies, videos or songs easy and painless. The main aim of the site developers is to make Clicker the first destination to search for videos on Internet. Currently Clicker harvests “more than 450,000 episodes, from over 6,000 shows, from over 1,200 networks, tens of thousands of movies, and 50,000 music videos from 20,000 artists” cool numbers for a new and upcoming site.

Just enter the keyword of the show or video that you want to watch in the Clicker Search bar and hit enter. You will get all related search results for that keyword you can narrow down your search by using filters and also sort results. Cool, simple and nice user interface is one another thing that will take Clicker close to Internet TV lovers.


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