How to freeup storage on Kindle Fire HD by deleting videos/photos


As you use your android tablet like Kindle Fire HD regularly, you may download books, songs, videos, photos to it. Kindle Fire HD comes with 16GB & 32GB versions. If you download couple of HD movies & few songs etc, You might use up most of the storage on your Kindle Fire HD.

You can have more available storage by deleting unwanted stuff like videos, downloads etc. You can see what is using most of storage on your Kindle Fire easily.

How to check what is using storage on Kindle Fire HD?
1. On your Kindle Home screen, Go to top menu > More > Settings > Device > Storage. You can see the available storage & memory each media is using.

2. If you see, videos or personal videos are using more storage, you can just tap on that, It directly goes to those videos. You can delete them from device. Long press on the video or photo or song you want to delete, you will get a menu & tap on Remove from Device.

You can delete books, audio books, music, videos, photos, docs, personal videos, apps & games from here.

3. If you don’t have ES File Explorer, Download & Install it on your Kindle Fire HD. It is free. You can browse through the file on the Kindle, delete them. This is also useful If you want to delete multiple files easily.

a. Open ES File Explorer, Go to “Download” Folder, delete any unwated items or files from there If you have any. But don’t delete whole folder. Be Careful with what you are doing here.

b. Similarly, Go to Movies, Music, Pictures, Video folders in ES File explorer and delete any files you don’t want.

4. You may also want to clear cache in your Silk browser settings. You can do this by going to Web > Menu > Settings > Tap on Clear Cache.

If you just don’t want delete files from Kindle Fire HD, You can copy or transfer them to your computer by connecting Kindle to it using USB cable.

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