How to Change Data Usage Cycle on Android ICS


Smart phones have become part of our lives. We are using them for watching movies, listening to music etc. As unlimited data plans are disappearing, we have keep an eye on the monthly data usage to avoid overage fees. Ice Cream Sandwich introduced data usage feature to limit data usage on android phones. If you have older android OS earlier than android 4.0, you can still limit data usage on android phone or tablet by using app from Google play store.

Change Data Usage Cycle on Android ICS
You can access Data Usage feature by going to Application > Settings > Data Usage under “Wireless and network” settings.
If you want to track data you are using on the mobile network, check “Mobile Data” and “set mobile data limit” options.

You will see option for “Data Usage Cycle”. You will see it is populated with today’s date if you are using it for the first time. You can try to change it by tapping on this monthly date range. I noticed it is not giving option to change this data usage cycle sometimes as in below image.

You don’t see any way to change cycle sometimes. You can fix it by opening the data usage screen again. Exit out this data usage screen by going to home scree. Go to data usage screen again. You should see “change cycle” option. Tap on this to get “Usage cycle reset date” and enter your data plan billing cycle start day of each month.

You should be able to use data usage feature now. you don’t need to worry about overage fees now.

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4 thoughts on “How to Change Data Usage Cycle on Android ICS

  1. Additionally, make sure the “Mobile data” is ON. The trick mentioned in this post did not work for me while “Mobile data” was OFF, but did work when it was set to ON.

  2. My data use cycle keeps changing to 2023! Is there a way to change this bacm to 2013? I checked and my date and time on the phone are still correct to.

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